On Wednesday we had our class expo this expo it was all about man-made and natural-made disasters. Mine was tornadoes, other people had things like volcanoes, sink holes and more. First the grade 3’s came in then 5’s, after parents came in to see us and we told them all about it.

Here is some information from my poster.

How tornadoes are made

Most tornadoes are made from thunderstorms, you need warm moist air (originating from Mexico) and cool dry air (mostly from Canada) when these two air masses meet they create instability in the atmosphere.

Here are some websites I used to research.





Coach Approach!

Today we had so much fun we had coach approach and we did AFL,ultimate Frisbee,hip hop,lacrosse,teamwork and baseball. Firstly we did teamwork witch is where you have to go threw mazes.

Then we did lacrosse and we had to scoop the ball up and roll it. In baseball we did fielding with a partner witch means we threw the ball and caught it. Also in AFL we had to try and kick the ball in a bin. Then we did ultimate Frisbee witch was Fun, and of course we threw Frisbees and then finally in hip-hop we danced to humble by Kendrick Lamar and learned new dance moves.

In the end the coaches gave out two Prizes each sadly I didn’t get one you could of gotten a down ball a drink bottle or tickets two basketball match.

Action plan

Would you believe that barb wire fences could wipe out all the animals. If you don’t stop cutting down habitats now then all the animals will be endangered.

I will put out signs saying that you need to take down barb fences. Also I will talk to the council so they can make a new rule, the rule is  you must check if the tree has an animal, If it does you put the animal Ina tree that isnt ready to be cut down but can hold an animal.

So if you don’t agree by now you’re cruel so take down those fences and let me do the talking.do the right thing for the animals. If we don’t stop this the ranges will become full of endangered animals.


The magic Flute performance

On Wednesday we saw a opera performance. It was shown by opera singing and acting I loved it. It was funny at the same time I was uncomfortable because I was at the back of the  crowd, it was hard but I managed the hour but I did wriggle a lot. The story was about a guy named Ttamino who goes on a mission to save a princess/the Queen of the night’s daughter and set 2 tasks and if he completed them then he wins the princess. The tasks were staying silent and the challenge of water and fire eventually he wins but the Queen was so mad about here success and got mad but then got sent to the darkness. It went for an hour after the play the actors told us who they played and their names.

Our 3 Way Conference!



Yesterday we had  our three way conference. We had share to our parents what we’ve done this last semester (two terms). When we share it we have to talk with our teacher and parents about what we should improve on. At the end our parents ask questions about all the subjects we’ve done, some of them are Inquiry, maths writing and reading plus heaps more. My conference was at 4:45, everyone had to have a certain time. Mrs Walker’s feedback was I put good humour and to keep up the good work.